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Publishing Dreams

“Cabral Publishing”, is a company created by Rolando Cabral a few months ago. At the beginning, he was conscious about the plenty publishing houses that exists, even though, he decided to establish this company with the aim to help writers in their process to become published authors.

 As it is well known, getting published is a hard stuff, but at “Cabral Publishing” we are willing to accept all kind of manuscripts. So, what makes us different from others in this area is, that we are willing to look at new writers.

In consequence, if you have a dream of seeing your work published you are at the right place to achieve it. On the other hand, we will try our best to bring, to our readers, the very best books and at an affordable price always.

In addition, we are all the time looking forward to offer the best books with great stories, because writing means everything to us.

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