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Every child as his or her own fantasy, that special thing that they wish could become real. Some of them dream of being kings, others dream of being a princess. But for Ramona her dream was to be able to fly like a bird, and feel free.

Ramona lived on a small farm on a town called lakeshore. She had a sister named Raquel that was older than her and she was already into boys.

Ramona lives in a two story home that was built in the year 1898. The house is in good

condition thanks to all the fixing up her father as done to it.

Lakeshore was a very small town with a population of only 1604 people.

The good thing about lakeshore was that because of the town being so small everyone knew everyone. Ramona has the best friend’s faith, and janae. Faith is the same age as Ramona. She had long black hair, and beautiful green eyes. The two of them have been friends all their lives.

Janae is the olden of the three but, only by a few months. She is small with dark skin and she has laughter that, once you hear it, you will never forget it. Janae is a sweet, kind girl; she always gives a hand at the church where she attends. If she had any fault, it would have to be that she was just too kind if that could be called a fault.

Janae has also known Ramona, her entire life. The three of them are inseparable. You could say that they are more like sisters than friends.

Janae had invited her friends to come over to her house for a sleepover. The girls took turns sleeping at each other’s home; this was something that the girls love to do.

Ramona's mom drove her over to janae home. She pulled into the driveway, and she looked at her daughter and asked her to please be in her best behaving. Ramona smiles as she replies to her mom when, does she even give her any headache. Her mom couldn’t say anything, she just smiles back. She knew that she had been blessed with a child like Ramona.

Ramona opens the door and she gets out of the car. She stood by the door, said bye to her mom and then walked away.

Ramona walked up to the front door and knocked on the door. The door opened up and, janae

father opened the door, he waved at Ramona mom. She waved back, and she then drove away.

Mr. Tones was a tall thin black man. He was a type of person that always seemed to have a smile on his face. He says welcome to Ramona, and then he informs her that his daughter and faith were in his daughter's room. Ramona thanks him and, she went up the stairs to janae room.

When Ramona got to the room, the door was closed, Ramona thought of grabbing the door knob and turning it and, just going in, but she didn’t want to be rude, so she knocked on the door.

The girls heard her knock and, janae asked her to come in. Ramona opens the door and she went inside.

She closed the door and she walked over to the bed and climbed in bed next to her friends. Faith asked them what they felt like doing. A smile came over janae face as, she


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