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Life is like a game that one is always playing; some of us play it very well and do very good in life; others are not as lucky. This is the story of Nicky, a girl, who knew what she wanted and she knew exactly what she had to do to get it.

Nicky was the type of girl that every boy wanted to date. She was thin with beautiful curves; she had a smile that would melt you. Her hair was dark brown, and it went to the middle of her back.

When she walked, men just couldn’t resist turning their heads and looking at her; she was a fox. I was lucky to have meant her back in high school. I was in my math class when the door opened up, and she walked in.

Every boy in the classroom looked at her, shit, even some girls. She walked up to Mr. Brown and she handles him a paper. He looked at it and then said to her welcome. She smiles, and she began to walk over to where I was sitting. She took a seat next to me, and I felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

I wanted so much to talk to her, but I was nervous; I didn’t want to say something dumb and make myself look like a fool. The bell rang

and Nicky picked up her books, and she got up.

I saw this as my chance to talk to her. She was new in the school, so maybe she needed direction to get to her next class. I asked her if she knew where her next class was. Nicky looked at me with those big beautiful eyes, and she smiled and said to me, no.

I told her that if she wanted, I could help her out. She told me that she would like that very much. We walked out of the class together, and I could feel everyone looking at me; I had to admit it made me feel good to know that all these guys were dying to be in my place.

Nicky's next class happens to be with me as well. She was in my science class; I opened the classroom door and she walked in. When she saw that I went in, she asked me if I, too, was in this class? I smiled and replied, yes.

She asked me where we were sitting. I walked over to where I always sat down; she sat down next to me. The class began, and Nicky got up, and; she walked over to the teacher and gave him the slip. Mrs. Ross looks at it and then says to Nicky, welcome to Jones high school.

The bell rang, and we got up. Nicky asked me if we had the next class together. I told her no, but I could walk you over. She smiled and said to me that it wouldn’t be necessary; I found it.

As I looked at her walk away, I thought to myself; there goes the girl I want to marry.

For the rest of the day, I couldn’t stop thinking about Nicky. She had found a way inside my head. I kept wondering if things were going

okay for her. I knew that she wouldn’t have any trouble making friends.

After even class, I looked around to see her, but I didn’t see her for the rest of the day. At least, I knew that tomorrow I would see her in my class. Nicky was the type of girl that once you meant her, it was almost impossible to get her off your mind.

I lived in a house


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