Chapter 1

Rash Brun

The First Victim

There is a road in the United States that people are told not to go on.

It is a road that many people swear there is a demon who haunts it.

Many people who have gone on this road have never been seen again.

Now, if you believe in all this nonsense about demons and curses, you will never take this road.

But there are a few who don’t know, and those poor fools take it and are never heard from again.

As I said, some people say that the road is cursed. Others say that there is a woman who appears to walk down the road and, if you see her, she is the last thing you see.

Now I, for one, don’t believe in all this stuff but I still won’t ever take that road that is known to many as Road 86 - the road from hell.

Bruce and his girlfriend Sandy decided to take a trip down to Las Vegas to try their luck at the casinos.

He was driving and Sandy was seated next to him, wearing tight mini jeans and a white blouse that showed off her breasts, which was fine because Bruce had seen them countless times.

She woke up from a nap, looked at Bruce and asked him why he doesn’t find a hotel. It was getting late and she wanted to call it a night.

“It is not like you are driving,” he said, smiling at her. “I have been doing it all.” Sandy hated it when her boyfriend made such a stupid remark.

“Just do it,” she told him.

This time, it sounded more like an order than anything else. Bruce decided to do it because he knew that if she got angry, she wouldn’t give him any sex.

When they came upon the first motel, Bruce pulled in and parked next to the office.

Bruce told her to stay in the car. He was going to get them a room. She just nodded and he got out and walked inside the office.

The office was small, and the counter was even smaller. He walked to the counter and rang the bell.

A girl appeared with a broom and dustpan and Bruce jumped.

“What the hell?” he screamed at her with fear in his voice.

“I was cleaning the floor,” she said. “Don’t freak out, man.” He told her that he needed a room for the night.

“That will be $45,” she said. “Are you paying cash or with a credit card?

“Cash,” he replied.

“In that case, you save a couple of dollars because I won’t charge you taxes,” the girl said.

Bruce paid the girl and she handed him the key.

As he was grabbing the key from the top of the counter, she grabbed his arm and told him, “Whatever you do, don’t go down road 86.”

Bruce looked at her and he saw fear in her eyes. He promised her that he wouldn’t take that road. Then he asked her if she could please let go of his arm. The girl let go and he walked out of the office.

“What a crazy bitch!” he muttered to himself as he walked out.

He walked to the car and opened the door for Sandy. She came out and thanked


When they got to the room, which was on the second floor, he put the key inside

the lock and opened the door.

A strange smell came out from inside the room. She turned to him and asked, “This is where we are going to sleep?”

“It is only one night, love,” he said. Bruce walked to the bed and began to take off his clothes.

Sandy walked inside the bathroom and took out a piece of tissue paper from the rolls. She got it wet and passed it over the toilet seat.

The place was disgusting but there was nothing she could do. She would just have to bear it out.

When she came out of the bathroom, Bruce was already in bed. A blanket covered his body. He smiled and told her to come over.

She had seen that smile many times and knew what it meant. She got into bed next to him and looked at him.

“No sex tonight,” she said. “I want to sleep.”

She got comfortable on the bed and closed her eyes. Bruce was not going to let her off that easy. He began to rub himself against her and kiss the back of her neck.

Almost any other night she would have given into his desire but not tonight.

She repeated to him that she wanted to sleep and told him to stop.

Bruce knew when Sandy meant business. He turned around and gave his back to her, closed his eyes and went to sleep.

The following morning, Sandy woke up, rose from the bed, and went to the bathroom.

When she opened the door, she saw two roaches and said, “That’s just great!” She walked over to the toilet and bent down over the seat.

“Bruce are you awake, love?” she said. There was a noise outside.

There was no answer. Sandy turned on the faucet of the sink and let the water run all over her hands.

Then she returned to the room. She was shocked to see that the front door was open all the way to the back.

She was also surprised to see that Bruce was still in bed. She began to freak out, ran to the bed, climbed in it, and began to shake her boyfriend.

Bruce jerked himself awake. “What the hell is going on?” “Someone came inside the room,” she said, panicking.

Bruce looked at the front door and looked at Sandy. He got up from the bed. “We probably didn’t put the lock on the door,” he said. “The wind opened it. There is nothing to worry about.”

He walked to the door and closed it. What he didn’t see was that every door of every room was open as well.

He let her know that he was going to take a shower and asked her if she wanted to keep him company.

She smiled as if to say to him


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