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Kaira opened her eyes and saw that it was raining again. It had been raining for a couple of days but felt like over a month already. She lives in New York City and shares her best friend Gada's penthouse apartment with her. It's difficult for a girl to make it these days on her own, mainly if you live in a big apple.

She grew up in a small town in Florida with two brothers, James and Toby. You could only imagine how hard it was to be a little sister and how hard it was for her to bring guys home to her dad and brothers. Kaira is twenty-two years old, with dark blonde hair and brown eyes, but these aren't the features that guys first look at when they see her. She was blessed with a good, firm body.

As for her friend Gada, she's about as tall as Kaira, and she's got long black hair in the middle of her back. It's like an amazingly sexy body.

Kaira has not been living with her parents for the past three years. As she told her parents that she was moving to New York for the first time, they begged her not to go. But Kaira is like a bird that wants to fly to see something new.

Kaira got up from her bed and went to the window to observe the outside. She likes the view of their apartment; you could see a big view of the city. She then turned around and headed to the bathroom after admiring the view for a few minutes.

They share a penthouse in each of the two rooms as a bathroom, with a half bath used by guests. She took off her clothes and got into the bathtub; she ensured the water was really hot before she got under the shower.

There is one thing Kaira liked to do the most - taking her shower. She believed there was nothing compared to making her body clean. Not only that, but she liked how her body felt after she took a shower.

Her mobile phone rang. She got out of the bathtub and picked up the towel she had put on the toilet seat to dry herself, then she put the towel around her body and went to see who was calling her.

She had put her cell phone on top of her bed. She picked it up and saw that she had a missed call from her boyfriend, Cadee. She then called him back. "Good morning, baby. I missed your call. What can I do for my man? "

He told her he was just calling to remind her of his company's party later in the night. "Oh yes, for the new hotel they built," she responded. Then he said that he'd be at her home to pick her up at around 7 pm. She agreed.

Kaira had met Cadee at the gym, where she went for a workout every morning. She had seen him many times at the gym before, but he had never approached her. On a Saturday morning, while she was on the treadmill, he came over to use the treadmill next to her. After a few minutes, he felt the urge to say hello to her. He eventually did and introduced himself to her.

He is an engineer for a firm that runs over 100 hotels around the world. He is also one of the architects that help to build those hotels. Even in his mid-30s, he still keeps himself in good shape.

The front door opened, and it was Gada. She had two bags with her, which she placed on the dining table, calling her friend. Kaira came out of her bedroom with the towel still around her. Kaira smiled and said hello to her friend, asking her where she had been so early in the morning. Gada told her she had gone out to get some groceries they needed.

If one has to select one of them as responsible, Gada will win with a long margin. Kaira was more of the one who likes to go out, drink, and party, while her friend likes to stay home after a long week of work.

Kaira asked her friend if she was coming alone to Cadee's Company party later in the night. "I was hoping to stay in and watch some TV and then go to bed," Gada smiled as she responded. Kaira told her friend that she would not let her stay. She insisted Gada had to come with them.

Gada knew that when Kaira decided on something, nothing else would convince her. Hence, it was useless to convince her further. She eventually agreed to go.

Kaira told Gada she was hungry and would get a bite at Sam's. "Let me keep the grocery, and I will go with you," Gada replied. "That'd be great," Kaira smiled and went back into her bedroom to get dressed.

She put on a blue jean that was way too small for her, but Kaira loves to wear her tight clothes so she could show off her 'merchandise.' She put on a white blouse and went back into the living room. Gada looked at her and told her she was ready. They both walked towards the door, stepped out, and Kaira locked the door.

They walked over to the elevator, and it had just got there. As the door was closed, both of the girls screamed, "Please hold the elevator." A man then put his hand on the door and held it open. The two of them went in and thanked him. The man nodded in response.

When the door opened, the man moved to the side and let them go. Kaira and Gada thanked him again, and they headed for Sam's. "Table for two?" A young woman at the front door asked. "Yes," Kaira replied with a smile.

She led them over to a table at the back of the place. The girls sat down, and Gada told the girl to get her a beer. "Slow it down; we've got a long night ahead of us." Kaira smiled as she told her friend. "One beer is nothing," Gada responded.

The girl asked them if they needed a few minutes to decide. Kaira told her she was set, looked at Gada, and asked her if she was ready too. Gada told the girl to bring her some eggs with toasts. Then she also added another beer.

Kaira told the girl to bring her scrambled eggs and a toast. The girl then asked what she would drink. "Just water for me," Kaira responded. The girl picked the menu and walked away.

Kaira looked at her friend, and she said to her, “You know we've been here more than a hundred times; I swear, I guess everybody here thinks we're a lesbian couple.” Gada smiled and responded, Shit! You wouldn't be so lucky to have such a beautiful woman as me, plus, we wouldn't work out as a couple because we both love to be treated like ladies. We act feminine, and no one will take the bush role." Kaira nodded in agreement. "Plus, we love cock." said in a low tone

The two of them looked at each other and began to laugh like two high school teens. The waitress returned, then served their order. The girls began to eat, and none of them uttered another word until they were done eating.

Kaira told her friend that she would go to the gym. She said, "I want to burn some calories from my breakfast." Gada told her that she was insane, "It’s not ideal for eating and exercising,” Kaira told her that she sounded like her mom.

The gym is at their residence. On the first floor, there is a gym with over 100 machines and two Olympic swimming pools. There is also a section with punching bags for boxers.

Kaira always goes to the gym four times a week for a workout. After the gym, she would take a shower and go to the pool to swim and relax.

When she got to the gym, she went straight to a treadmill and got on it. She put the speed at 2 miles, and she went on increasing it until she was up to 4 miles. After 20 minutes on the treadmill, she stopped and got on one bike, and did another 20 minutes. She then took a quick shower before moving to the swimming pool.

She was glad to see that there weren’t many people in the pool. She dived in and swam. She did ten laps, got out, and went to sit at the beach. A young man about her age saw her and walked over to her.

He beckoned at her and told her his name was Danny. He then further explained that he was new to the building. She looked at him and told him she would not be rude, but she had a boyfriend. He smiled at her, saying that he was not surprised because a man would be a fool not to hit on a beautiful woman like her.

She thanked him for his words but told him it was best for him to leave because her boyfriend is jealous. The guy looked at her and told her for sure, but as he walked away, he told her that if you even need a friend, I’m in apartment 330. She just gazed at him with a smile.

Kaira was already used to getting a man to hit on her. It was part of being a pretty woman. Wherever she went, it didn’t matter that someone still hit on her.

She relaxed a bit and went up to her apartment. As she reached the door, she heard the voice of a man calling out to her. She turned around to see who it was but was shocked to see that it was the man that hit on her earlier. “What are you doing here? I told you I have a boyfriend.” She queried.

The young man walked up to her and told her he was sorry, but he just wanted to know her. “Look, I’m flirting with you, but as I said before, I got a boyfriend.” She chided. As he told her again that he was sorry, a look of remorse came across his face. Then he turned around and left.

Kaira was so relieved to see him go. All she needed was Phocy. She opened the door, locked it, and went into the living room.

Gada was sitting on the sofa watching TV in her pajamas. “Are you still in your sleeping clothes?” Kaira queried. Gada smiled and told her friend that she changed after they returned for breakfast to be more comfortable.

Kaira told her she was going to take a nap. She asked her friend to call her around 3 pm to get up and start getting ready for the party.

Kaira went inside her room and sat down on her bed. She took off her clothes and climbed her bed. Kaira always loves to go nude when she was alone, but she doesn’t go nude if her friend was around because she respected her.

It was such a tide for Kaira that she was soon asleep. Then she dreamed. She saw herself walking on an empty piece of land. Garbage was all over the floor. It smelled so unsatisfying. She heard footsteps behind her, turned around, and saw what seemed to be a guy, but she couldn’t register his face.

“Who are you?” She asked. The man then kept saying, “Don’t let them build, don’t let them build...” Kaira, now puzzled, asked again, “Build what?” The man didn’t respond to her but just kept saying the same thing over and over.

When she got closer to the man, he turned and ran away and ran. She stood there as he ran away. She walked again, and she saw two young women come out from behind an old car. The women were nude, and their bodies were covered with blood.

She asked them what had happened to them and also asked if they needed help. Both women started saying to her, “Don’t let him build.” Kaira asked again, getting more confused, “Build what?” Just then, she heard a car moving fast. The car then straightly came close to her, and when it came closer to her, she could see that the words “Don’t let him build” appeared all over the car.

She let out a scream and opened her eyes. She was so happy that it was just a dream, but she saw the same writing when she got up from the bed; ‘don’t let him build,’ written in blood. Kaira couldn’t believe her eyes.

She bent down and looked closer, and she concluded it was blood indeed. Now she was freaking out, and she started crying. Her friend heard her cries, and Gada came running to see what was wrong with her friend.

She saw Kaira on the floor weeping when she opened the door, looking down at the ground. She asked what was wrong with her friend as she bent down and took a seat next to her friend. She asked her if she was having a nightmare. Kaira looked at her friend and asked, “Don’t you see it?”

“See what?” Gada asked. Kaira looked down again to make sure it was still there, and when she saw it was still there, she said, “The blood on the floor.” Gada put her arms around her friend and reassured her there was nothing there and then told her it would be all right.

As she went into her bathroom, Kaira got up from the floor, and when she came back, she had a wet towel in her right hand. She bent down and started to rub it over. The words she felt were there.

Her friend was sitting there staring at her, wondering about what could be wrong with her friend. It was obvious to Gada that what she had seen in her nightmare was still trapped in her mind, and that was why she saw it.

Kaira stopped cleaning the floor and then went to the bathroom and threw the towel on the floor. When her friend came out, she asked her if she would start getting ready for the party in the night. She smiled when she thought about going to the party, and she told Gada that she was going to wear the black dress she gave her on her last birthday.

Gada told her friend that she would start getting dressed. She bade Kaira goodbye and left the room. She was always a little anxious, even though Kaira was less surprised by what she had seen. She kept turning around as she dressed, expecting to see someone behind her.

She went into the living room to wait for her boyfriend, Cadee, after she had finished getting dressed. At 8 pm, he had agreed to pick them up. He was the kind of guy who was always punctual; he hated lateness. The two got into fights when they started dating initially because she

was always late. Still, after a few months, Kara realized that she’d always have to be punctual if she wanted to avoid those fights with her boyfriend.

Kaira got up from the sofa to open the door as the doorbell rang. Her boyfriend stood there as she opened the door. He wore a white suit with a blue tie. He was a couple of years older than her. As greeted her and stared at her with a smile, he leaned forward to kiss her.

He asked her if they were ready. “Yes, let me call Gada.” She replied. She went to Gada’s room to call her, and they both stepped out.

As they walked out of the house, he said with a smile, “I’m going out with the two most beautiful women in the world.

They went downstairs and entered Cadee’s car, a new convertible BMW. The car had all the extras. Cadee was the architect of a private Inverter company. He had been given a job to design a new hotel. Before that, he had done many jobs, but this was his biggest of his jobs. He was going to be on top of his field if all went well.

The company had the party in a hall they had rented. The big business companies used the hall, plus some big live concerts had also been held. Cadee drove to the valet park, stopped by to get his pass from an attendant, and drove off.

The door to the hall was open, and their host was a young woman. She smiled and welcomed them. She also asked them if they knew where their table was or if they needed help. Cadee smiled and told her they were okay. Every table had a symbol of the party on it.

When they found their table, Cadee moved a chair back for Kaira, then did the same for Gada. He was to deliver a speech, so his table was at the very front of the hall, by the stage.

Cadee wasn’t very interested in speaking, but he knew it was part of his work field. His secretary had already written his speech. It wasn’t as if he didn’t want to write it by himself, but he was just too busy.

A small, chubby black man walked over to his table and said hello to Cadee. Cadee got up from his chair, shaking hands with Mr. Roseworld, the director of the company he works for. The man looked at Gada and Kaira and asked Cadee about the two ladies with him. Cadee introduced Kaira as his girlfriend and Gada as a good friend of Kaira.

Mr. Roseworld welcomed them warmly and left. Cadee sighed, then took his seat. Kaira asked him if he was alright. He smiled and assured her he was fine, only that he doesn’t know why he always got so nervous around Mr. Roseworld. “Because he’s your boss,” Gada said as she laughed.

A server came to their table and asked them what they wanted to drink. Before either of them could respond, Mr. Roseworld told the lady to get his boss and friends the best wine. Mr. Roseworld asked to sit with them. Then Kaira started suspecting that the Man liked her friend, Gada.

Mr. Roseworld was a chubby man in his early 40s, with average height, a shaved head, and a mustache. The server brought the wine and served it. Mr. Roseworld thanked her. Then he looked at Gada and asked what she did for a living. She responded she was into the retail store business.

He asked her if she owns one. Kaira and Gada then glanced at each other and started laughing. He asked them if he had said something funny. Gada told him she wasn’t trying to be rude but that someday her dream would be to own one. She further explained that she was only running one for somebody else. “Which one, if I may ask?” Mr. Roseworld asked. “The one downtown,” She responded.

“Well, don’t give your dreams up, either. Who knows, maybe you’ll get there someday?” He said with a smile. A waitress was coming over with the food. He set it on the table for them. They all started eating, and one said a thing till they finished eating.

Kaira broke the silence. She commended the salmon was delicious. “So, Mr. Roseworld, are you married? Have you any kids?” She further asked Mr. Roseworld. Cadee looked at Kaira with displeasure, as she didn’t like the questions. Mr. Roseworld then smiled at Cadee and said it was okay to ask.

“I've been married once for three years, but now I'm looking for a decent woman." Mr. Roseworld explained. "Ok, you know my friend here doesn't see anyone," Kaira said, pointing at Gada and laughing. Gada then stared sternly at her and told her to stop embarrassing her already.

Mr. Roseworld grinned at Gada and then told her that he would love to take her out on a date someday. Gada had no problem with him being black, she had date black guys before, but she wasn't too comfortable with his age. He should be at least 20 years older than her.

She didn’t want to reject his invitation so that she won’t put Cadee in unnecessary trouble. She eventually decided that it won’t hurt to go out for dinner or maybe dancing. She gave a positive response with a smile on her face.

Cadee felt relieved. He was worried that if she said no, it might make his boss upset. The band started playing, and Mr. Roseworld asked Gada to dance. He got up from her and helped her to the dance floor.

Both of them walked over to the dance floor. Kaira felt bad for her friend because she felt Gada was doing all that for Cadee.

Cadee asked Kaira if she would like to dance. She told him she'd love to do it. Dancing was one thing that Kaira could never say no. When she heard 'dance,' her legs moved in accordance, as if they had a mind of their own.

After a period of dancing, Mr. Roseworld made a move to Gada. He looked her in the eyes and made her know she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He looked back. His comments made her giggle like a schoolgirl. She moved forward and, without saying a word, and kissed him. For a few seconds, Mr. Roseworld put his arms around her. There was nobody else in the room, just the two of them.

Kaira looked at her friend and smiled. It gave her so much joy to see her with someone finally. Kaira told Cadee she had to use the lady’s room. She kissed her boyfriend and left.

Kaira went into the bathroom and stepped in. On the wall was a large mirror. She walked over, opened her bag, pulled her lipstick out, and touched her lips with it. One door opened in the Toilet rooms, and a woman dressed in all black came out.

Kaira looked at her in the mirror, and she didn’t take her eyes off her. The woman moved toward the mirror, looking at the mirror. She looked at Kaira, turned her head, and said to her, “don’t let him build it.” Kaira stepped back and asked her, “build what? What are you talking about?” The woman did not answer her questions. She just kept repeating herself.

The woman then turned around and stared at the mirror. She then jumped up, smashed her head on the mirror, and fell on the floor. Blood gushed all over her. Kaira broke into tears, and then she rushed out to get help.

As she rushed over to her boyfriend, she yelled. Everyone stopped what they were doing at the party and stared at her. When she came to Cadee, she told him that a woman had just smashed her head on the mirror and that she was bleeding profusely on the floor.

Kaira turned around and ran toward the restroom again. Then Cadee screamed at her to wait for him. Gada chased after Kaira, too. Kaira opened the door, and she went back into the restroom. Her boyfriend came in after her, then Gada.

Everyone looked down on the floor and saw nothing. There was no woman, as Kaira had said. The mirror was not even broken, as she claimed. “I don’t understand,” Kaira said, looking amazed. Mr. Roseworld came in and told Cadee it was best for him to take his girlfriend home with him. Cadee nodded just to agree with his boss.

Gada put her arms around her friend, and she walked her out of the restroom. Kaira told her friend that she doesn’t understand what is going on. Then the three of them walked out of the hall. Mr. Roseworld followed them, called Cadee aside, and advised him to ensure that she saw a therapist

The young man at the valet parking came with Cadee’s car and gave him his key, with a 10 dollar bill. Cadee helped his girlfriend inside the car, and then he got into the driver’s seat. Kaira turned and looked back, and then she saw the woman she saw at the restroom again. She closed her eyes a cried, thinking she was already going insane

Gada leaned for a friend and told her that everything would be fine, putting her arms around Kaira's. When they got to the girls' penthouse, Cadee parked the car in front of the building, and he came out to open Kaira's door. He asked her if she wanted him to walk her up to their apartment. Kaira looked at him with a sad look in her eyes and told her boyfriend that she would be alright. He told her that he'd call her later to check her out.

Gada came out and put her arms around her friend. Cadee told her to be fine and left.

They walked over to the front door, and the door guy unlocked for them. He greeted them, Gada smiled and waved hi, and after that, the two strolled over to the elevator. Gada pressed the button of the elevator door and opened it. A middle-aged couple came out, then they entered.

Kaira told her friend that she was feeling much better and let go of her. Gada looked at her and asked her if she wanted to see a Doctor. Kaira told her she needed to see someone, but not a doctor. She told her friend that she saw things, that she didn't know what was happening to her.

When the girls came out, the door opened. Gada opened her purse and brought out her keys. She opened the door, and the girls stepped in. Before leaving her room, she walked her friend to her bedroom and made sure that she was okay.

She thought about what her friend had told her about seeing a physiatrist. Gada went inside her room, and she sat down on her bed and took off her shoes. She wondered if she was supposed to call her friend's parents to tell them what was going on. She didn't want to do it because they were going to worry.

There was a knock on Gada's door, then she heard Kaira's voice, asking to come in. Gada responded by opening the door. Kaira grabbed the doorknob and turned the door open a little. She moved to her friend's bed and sat on the edge of her bed. She asked if she could share the bed with Gada for the night. Gada responded positively.

Kaira climbed her friends' bed to lie. Her friend put her arms around her and told her to sleep. "My friend, everything is going to be fine."

Kaira fell asleep when she had a nightmare again. The dream seemed to be just a regular dream at first, but then it worsened. She saw herself walking down the street at the period of the day, cars driving by her just inches from her. The sun went down when it got dark, it started raining, and now she was getting all soaked up as she walked down the street, wearing a white nightgown,

She heard a little girl crying, and it seemed like the girl wasn't so far from her. She went over to see the girl see if there was anything she could do for the girl. She got to where the girl was and asked, "Are you alright? Do you need some help?" The girl looked at her and said, "Tell him not to build it."

”Not to build what? "She said to her. Now the boy did not answer her question, but Kaira kept asking over and over.

Meanwhile, Gada, who heard her talking in her sleep, woke her up. Kaira opened her eyes and asked her if everything was okay. Gada told her she had a dream, that she kept saying don’t build it.

Perhaps you are speaking about your boyfriend's plan to build a hotel. Kaíra said to her friend, why would she be bothered? I can tell you that something must be telling you not to build that building on that site. “Get up! You've seen too many movies.” He said.

The following morning, while Kaira was in the living room, she thought her friend's previous statement was not that crazy. This is a good idea that she told her boyfriend about the internet site.

After she finished drinking her morning coffee, she called her boyfriend up. He immediately asked about her feelings right after she fell. She told him about her dream that she had the other night. She investigated whether her boyfriend knew what had been on the land that he was planning to build a hotel.

She told him that she thinks that something is trying to let her know not to build on that land.

He thought her claim was quite ridiculous. She seemed upset about him not taking her seriously. He told her not to build on this site. He told her he recommended that she have a break to rest.

Again, she didn’t like his statement and hung up the phone on him. She didn’t want him to think that she was insane. He called her on her mobile phone, but she found it was his number when she checked. She hung up. She got dressed.

To her, it became that all these dreams had some meaning. Gada asked her friend where she was going. She let her know she was heading to a public bathroom, Gada insisted on going with her, but she could only tell her that this was something that she wanted to do alone. Because of her gratitude, the girl left her friend.

Kaira decided to go on the train. There was a train station right next to where she lived. She entered, paid the fees at the entrance, and went in.

The transportation system was the best thing about New York City. Here was a place in which you need not own a car.


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