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Chapter 1

the beginning

Rolando Cabral

Many people died in hospital every day, around the world. Many find their way into heaven but many are not as lucky and they go straight into the depths of hell. Some are not wanted in either place and those are the ones that stay back.

Ruth is a young 19 year old, she lives in a small quiet town in Florida, Call Township. She has been out on her own for over 2 years; it was something that her parents didn’t take light. Her mom cried when Ruth told them that she wanted to move by herself, her father didn’t show a tear. He was much stronger than his wife when it came to their daughter.

It was also no secret to them, that she was no virgin; Ruth had been having sex since she was only 14 years old. It was a day that her mom will never forget, she came home one day early from work, and, she heard noises coming from Ruth room, she went to see what was happening, and, when, she opens the door, she was shock to see jimmy on top of her daughter screwing her.

Ruth lives in a small 1 bedroom apartment by, herself. The apartment is not much, but she is delighted with it. The fact of her being on her own is just enough, that she really wouldn’t care where she is living.

She has held the same old job for almost 2 years, she works at township hospital as a cleaning lady, and her job is very simple to keep the floors clean. Ruth was seeing Pablo a young nurse at the hospital where, she works at, but, after she caught the asshole in bed with another girl, she broke it off with him, god knows that Pablo beg her for forgiveness and, for her not to break up with him, but, Ruth is the type of person that will never accept someone cheating on her.

Ruth got to the hospital and she found a parking space and parked her car. She drives an old 1995 Chevy pickup, her parents have told her, to allow them to buy her a better car, but she doesn’t want to take the money. She knows her parents can’t afford it,

Ruth went inside the hospital and she went over to the room where she keeps her cleaning supply. Ruth has been working the night shift, since she began to work at the hospital, and it really didn’t bottler her.

She opens the door and takes out the map and a basket. She went inside a bathroom and filled up the basket with water. She began to mop the floor, as she put on her head radio, this was something that she liked about this job, that she was allowed to hear music as she did her job. Ruth was into pop and some rap, one of her favorite singers was Danny Yankee.

At 2 am, she gets her lunch break, or should I say her dinner break. She went over to the cafeteria and, she bought herself a chicken soup, payed, the lady at the cafeteria and, she went and sat down. Ruth has always been a type of person that has kept to herself; she doesn’t like to be around to many people.

Ruth does have a friend at the hospital, a girl by the name of Jackie. Jackie is a black girl that is the same age as Ruth, the two of them always eat together. The girl asked Ruth about her date with John, a young doctor that works on the 3rd floor.

John as had his eyes on Ruth even since he saw her for the first time, but, Ruth had never accepted to go out with him before, you see john is 12 years olden then, her, and, she just is not into olden man, Ruth likes for her man to be her age or a couple of years olden.

Ruth told her friend that he had taken her to dinner at lights, and, classic restaurant in the town where she lives. She explains to her that the food had not been so good, but, that the company had been. Her statement put a smile on her friend's face, and she right away asked Ruth if she was going to go out with him again? Ruth answered that she didn’t know, but that she wouldn’t mind.

After dinner Ruth went back to cleaning the floors. She put on her head phones and began to mop the floor. The night went on much faster hearing the music. Someone came over to Ruth and tapped her on her shoulder, she stopped what she was doing to see who it was, and she was happy to see that it was John, the young doctor.

He looked at her and asked her if she had a good time last night, Ruth smiled as she replied to him, that she did, she was hoping for him to ask her out again, and, that is just what he did. She accepted right away, he moved forward and, put a soft kiss on her right cheek and said bye to her as he walked away.

The rest of the night Ruth couldn’t stop thinking about the doctor, she kept wondering where he was going to take her,

but, the truth is, that she wouldn’t care where she went, as long as he was there with her.

Ruth liked him, and, it was no secret, she didn’t want this one to slip by her hands, she knew that he was a good catch, a man that could do well for her and for her kids. He was the perfect man for her.

When the quiet stop came it was raining hard outside, Ruth had not brought an umbrella with her. It was obvious that she was going to get soaked, but Ruth was tired and wanted to go home, so she decided to make a run for it.

Ruth got to her car, and, she opened the door and, got inside, her clothes were soaked, she started the car and drove off. Ruth got to her apt and, she parked her car in her parking space, and, she made another run for her apt.

Once inside her apt she took off her cloth and she got into the shower and put on the water. Ruth wanted to take all that rain water off her body. She is the type of person that gets sick very easily.

After she finished taking her shower, she dried herself off and went to the living room to watch TV, she was not in the mood to eat anything. She, like so many girls, was trying not to gain weight.

The next day at the hospital Ruth was cleaning the floor, she was almost done, when she noticed a red spot on the floor, it looked like blood. She bends down and, she took a better look and, she confirmed what she already knew, it was indeed blood.

Ruth passed the mop over the spot and it came off, but, then to her surprise the spot appeared again. She couldn’t believe what

had just happened, how did this spot reappear, she passed the mop over it again and, once more it went away and, again it appeared.

Ruth now was starting to freak out; she couldn’t understand what was going on. It just wasn’t normal and, to be frank it was just totally strange. Ruth decided to leave it and, go, she began to walk away when she heard a sound coming from behind her, Ruth was frightened but, somehow she managed to turn her head and see what was making the sound.

Ruth saw something but, she couldn’t make out, what it was, Ruth had heard man stories that, ghosts walk the hallways of this hospital, but, she had never come face to face with one of them, she was so scare that, she try to run but, her legs wouldn’t move under her, she heard someone call her name, and, when she turn her head she saw her friend Jackie standing there.

Jackie looked at her, and asked her if she was alright? Ruth turn her head and, looked over where


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