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Susan was so glad her parents had told her that, during spring vacation, she would be going to visit her cousin, Dee. This made Susan feel very happy, because she was an only child. During the summer vacation, she would get very bored by herself.

Susan was twelve years old. She was skinny and of average height. Throughout her life, she had tried to convince her parents to have another child, but her mother never got pregnant again.

She and her cousin had seen each other a couple of times. The two of them got along very well. Dee did not have a sister either, but she did have a brother. The two of them didn’t see eye-to-eye on things.

Dee was very happy that her cousin was coming. She was counting the days until school was over.

Susan was in her room, getting ready to go to school. Her mom, Nancy, was rushing her to hurry up; she hated to get to school late. Nancy was one of those moms that was blessed that she didn’t have to work outside of the home. That was the way she liked it, because she liked to be able to pick up Susan from school, and spend time with her daughter.

Susan picked up her bag as she walked out her room. Her mom looked at her and said, “It was about time you came out. What were you doing that you took so long?” Susan smiled as she told her mom not to worry so much.

Susan was a type of girl that was happy; she always seemed to have a smile on her face. She took life easy, and didn’t let anything get to her. Her parents always told her that, with the kind of attitude she had, she would live to be 100.

Susan’s mom was driving faster than normal. She really didn’t want to be late, and she was going so fast that she was frightening he


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