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Hello my name is Mack. I am a teenager in high school and I have a very simple life. Some people will even say that my life is boring. But all that changed the day I meant her.

I was coming home from the movies with my two friend’s Fisher and, kai. It had started to rain since we left the movie theater. We had gone to see a movie called smack you are dead, and the movie had really sucked.

We were in fisher old beat up chevron and we were listening to music on the radio. Kai had lit up a joint and we all were taking turns on smoking it. When just from nowhere this thing appears right in front of the car. I thought for sure that what even it was, that we had hit it. Fisher put on the brakes and the car came to a stop.

The rain was coming down hard. But I needed to get out, and to make sure that fisher had not hit anyone. The moment I stepped out of the car, I got all soaked up. I looked across the street and I saw a young girl, with a black raincoat on. She had long blonde hair, and she seems to be very beautiful.

She looked at me, and it seemed as if she was smiling. Then she just disappears. I stood there to see if I would see her again but the girl was gone. Both my friends told me to get back in the car, that I was getting soaked.

When I got back in the car, I asked them if they had seen the girl. Fisher asks him which girl? There was a young girl standing across the street, I swear. My friends didn’t believe me; they thought that I was telling them that to scare them.

When we arrived at my house Fisher pulled into the driveway and he stopped the car. I opened the door and got out. I said bye to my friends and ran over to the front door of my house. I took out my key and, I opened the door and, went inside.

I live with my parents and with my sister lacy. The home where we live is two stories like many of the homes in san Pedro, the town where we live in.

I was born in this town, and I like it here. For a simple reason this town is small. In San Pedro everyone knows everyone and I like that very much.

I went upstairs to my bedroom and, when I was about to open the door to go inside my sister came over. She said good evening to me. And then she asked me what had we been up to?

I looked at her and I went ahead and opened the door to my room and went inside. My sister follows me inside. As I lay down on my bed, I looked up at my sister and told her that I was very tired. I took off my shoes and, I got comfortable on my bed.

My sister really didn’t care where I had been. What if she did care about what had kai been doing and, if he had been with any girl? You see Lacy as you could already tell as a big crush on my friend kai. I really didn’t like the idea of my sister dating one of my friends. Shit just the thought that he could be banging my sister, drove me nuts. Kai respects how I feel so he stays away from her.

My sister tried for a while to get me to talk about Kai, but when she saw that I was not giving her any information , she said good night, and then she left. I was glad to see her go because I really was tired, and wanted to go to bed.

I tried to fall asleep but I couldn’t get out of my mind that girl that I saw. I had never seen her before in town. Chances were that her problem had just moved here. There was one thing that was for sure, and that was that I wanted to find her. She had gotten my attention.

Son you need to eat your breakfast my mother says to me. I told my mom that I couldn't say that I was going to be late for school if I did. I gave my mother a kiss, and I left.

My sister was waiting for me inside the car and she looked to be upset. I was sure why she was mad, and that was because it was sure that we were going to be late, and my sister hates to be late.

My sister looked over at me and, she said with anger in her voice, that she can’t wait for our father to buy her a car. I gave her a smile and said to her that it will be a long time from now.

I said to her dad can’t do that on his dative salary. She just looked at him, and then told him to hurry. I began the car and drove off.

When they arrived at the school, the bell had just finished ringing. Mark stopped the car at the front door entrance and, he said to sister , I am going to park the car. She didn’t even say anything to his statement. She just picked up her backpack, opened the door and ran over to the school.

Mark was not like his sister, he wasn’t that much into school. If it was up to him he wouldn’t even go. He drove over to the parking lot to look for a parking space.

Lacy got to her classroom. Open the door and go inside. Her teacher, a tall black lady with a big build and a face that will scare anyone, looked at her and asked her if she had come with her brother. Yes I did, I am sorry that I am late. Her teacher walked up to lacy, and she asked her to follower her outside


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