Chapter 1

The Restaurant

When you wake up you never know if that day is going to be your last on this earth. People never give that possibility any thought. But, if you think about it, life as we know it could come to an end within a second. That is why we should always enjoy life to the fullest.

My name is Sue. I am a middle-aged woman who lives by herself. I was married once, but we broke up after 12 years together. For a while, I was sad and even depressed, but I learned to live without him.

I woke up early in the morning and got up to go to the restroom and wash my mouth. It was Saturday, and like every Saturday, I had no plans to do anything other than watch television.

During the week, I record all of my TV shows, so when the weekend comes I can watch uninterrupted. I

also like to watch three soap operas that I record as well.

You could say that my life is a little boring, but that is fine by me. I like it this way. I have never been the type of person that needs to go out. I love staying home and enjoying my free time. When I do go out, I either go see a movie or go to a restaurant.

Going into the kitchen, I picked up the coffeemaker and started making coffee. If I don’t drink my coffee in the morning, I get an awful headache. When my coffee was done, I added sugar and walked over to the sofa. I put the cup on top of a table that was next to the sofa.

I picked up the remote control and turned the TV on. I pressed the button for my DVR. I had 90 shows and movies in my DVR. I began to browse through my recordings, and when I came to one that caught my attention, I pressed the button.

The movie I decided to watch was a romantic comedy. Even though I have not had a great romance life myself, I still love to watch them.

As I was watching the movie, my cell phone rang. It was Jane, my best friend from childhood. We met when we both were trying out for our junior high school tennis team and we became friends right away.

We became inseparable throughout the years. Wherever one of us went, the other one followed. Some people even thought that we were lesbians, but that didn’t bother us.

I answered the phone and said hello to Jane. She asked me what I was doing. Her question made me laugh. Knowing me as well as she did, she didn’t need to ask me that.

Jane asked me if I wanted to go with her to dinner. She said she was in the mood to go to the Chinese buffet, and she wanted to see if I wanted to come along. I love going there, and Jane knew that. She knew that I was not going to be able to say no.

We agreed that she would pick me up at 6 o’clock that evening. Neither one of us liked to eat too late. I spent the rest of the day catching up on my TV shows. When I saw that it was 4:30, I turned the TV off and went to take a shower.

I walked into the restroom and closed the door behind me. Even though I live alone, I have this habit of always closing the door. There is something about a door being open that just makes me nervous.

I took off my clothes and stepped inside the bathtub. I put on the water the way I liked it, which was scalding hot. I picked up the soap, and began to rub it all over my body. Once I had my body covered in soap, I moved forward and let the water fall on me.

When I was finished taking my shower, I stepped out of the bathtub and grabbed my towel from the hanger. I dried off, then put the towel back on the hanger and went outside to my bedroom.

I loved to wear miniskirts. I think that, at my age, I still had a great body and I liked to show it off when I did go out. I found my black miniskirt and I put it on. I decided to wear a white blouse to go with it. All my blouses were ones that showed cleavage.

When my mom was alive, she used to tell me that if a woman does not advertise what she

has, she can’t sell the merchandise. That was a saying of hers that I loved.

The doorbell rang, and I went downstairs to open the door for Jane. When I opened the door, we looked at each other and complement one another. Jane was a couple of years younger than me. She had long black hair and big boobs. That had been one of the things that her ex-husband had seen in her. The man had an obsession with big boobs.

I asked my friend if she wanted to have something to drink before we left. Jane smiled, and told me that since she was the one driving, she would pass. She replied, “Let’s go, I’m starving.”

We stepped out of the house, and I locked the door. Then, I double-checked to make sure that it was locked.

We got inside Jane’s car, a white BMW. She had come out very well in her divorce. Her attorney had done a great job for her. She does not have to work, because her attorney negotiated a $10,000-a-month alimony settlement. The reason behind it was that her husband had gotten her used to this lifestyle.

Her ex had no problem agreeing to it, because he was the owner of a small restaurant chain.

As we drove to the restaurant, the weather began to worsen. It looked like it was going to start pouring down rain at any moment. I was glad when we arrived before the rain started.

We walked inside and right away a young Chinese woman came over and asked us how many would be dining. Jane told her: “Two.” The lady asked us to follow her. We got to our seats and put our purses on top of the table. The lady asked us what we wanted to drink. Jane told her that she was going to have water. I told her that I wanted a diet drink.

We walked over to where the food was, and we each picked up a plate. Jane went straight over to the salad section. I was not worried about watching what I ate. At least, not today. I went over to the rice section, and I got some white rice and some fried rice. I then went to the fish section, and I put a piece of salmon on my plate before returning to our table.

I sat down, and I began to eat. I wasn’t about to wait for Jane. Knowing her, she would take forever. When Jane got to the table, I was halfway finished with my food. She took a seat, and she then asked me why I didn’t wait for her.

I just smiled in response, which said it all. She rolled her eyes and smiled back before beginning to eat.

There were two young men, who looked to be a few years younger than us, sitting at a table to our right. Both of them kept looking at us. I have to admit that they were very good looking. I wouldn’t have minded being with either one of them. It had been a long time since I last felt the warmth and passion that a man’s company brings.

One of the men got up from his chair, said something to his friend, and walked to our table. The man appeared to be in his late 20’s. He was tall and had black hair.

He reached our table, and as he stood there he said, “Sorry, for bothering you ladies, but I noticed that the two of you are having dinner alone.” He then told us that he and his friend

were here alone, as well. He asked us if we would like to join them.

I thanked him for his invitation, but said that we would pass. I lied and told him that my boyfriend would not approve of me eating dinner with another man. During this interaction Jane was looking at me, and by the expression on her face, I knew that she wanted to laugh. The man apologized for bothering us and walked away.

Jane looked at me and said, “He is hot!” I smiled like a schoolgirl and replied, “He is.”

The weather outside grew worse. It began to rain and thunder. It was clear that we were not going to leave the restaurant for a long time. As we waited for the storm to pass, we made some small talk. Jane asked me about Robert more specifically, what had happened with him. I told her that he wasn’t a bad guy, and that he just sucked in the sack. My comment made her smile.

As we were talking, there was a loud sound. It was clear that lighting had hit not far from the restaurant. A little girl who was having

dinner with her parents began to cry. The girl couldn’t have been more than four.

The lights went out and we were in the dark. I heard a man say not to worry, that they had a generator and that the lights should be on shortly. The lights came back on just as the man was speaking. I looked around, and I saw that there was concern on everyone’s faces.

I have to admit that even I felt a little worried about what was going on. The storm looked as if it was getting stronger. No one would be able to leave until it passed.

Chapter 2

first victim

Jane turned to me and said that she was scared. I managed a smile as I told my friend that there wasn’t anything to be afraid of. I told her we were not alone, and we were going to

be just fine. I didn’t believe my own words, but I didn’t want to admit that I was also afraid.

A young couple that had been eating before we got there got up to leave. They walked over to the front door and the man grabbed the doorknob to open the door. However, the door wouldn’t open. He told the hostess that there was something wrong with the door.

She walked over and tried to open it as well, but it wouldn’t budge. She told the couple not to worry, she would inform the manager.

The hostess walked into the kitchen and she found the manager talking to one of the cooks. She approached him and said that she was sorry for bothering him, but that the front door would not open.

The manager looked at her and left the kitchen. She followed him to where the couple was, and he greeted them. He tried to open the door, but it still wouldn’t open. He told the couple that he would


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