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Chapter 1

The Introduction

Hello. I am a woman who is now married with two great kids. I have a great husband, a man that

treats me better than anyone ever has. We have been married now for over 10 years. Even though I love

him with all my heart, he wasn’t my very first love.

I met my first love when I was just a teenage, but my husband is the man I chose to spend the rest

of my life with. I have a normal life: take the kids to school every morning, then go home and take care

of our house.

I have been blessed that I don’t have to work outside the home. My husband prefers that I stay

home and take care of the kids and the house. As you women know, that itself is a full time job.

As you see, my life is very simple, but it wasn’t always like this. There was a time that my life was

anything but simple.

Chapter 2

My First Love

Before I go any further, l want to introduce myself, my name is Lacy. Now that that is out of the

way, let me continue. I was born on the island of Cuba. When I was 16 years old, my parents moved to

the States and we lived in an apartment in Hialeah.

The apartment was no big deal, but for me it meant freedom. I was able to speak my mind and do

as I wished. That meant the world to me. My grandparents also came with us, and we all lived together.

I for one was very glad, because my grandmother was a great cook.

My parents put me in school right away. I didn’t want to go, because I didn’t know the language, but

I had no choice. The school was huge and I felt a little weird. My first day at school was so awful, I

couldn’t wait for it to be over.

I did make friends with one girl. Her name was Blanca. She too was new in the States, but she knew

how to speak some English. Blanca was the same age as me and we soon became friends.

All their lives, my parents loved to go to church. Which was okay with me, because I believed in

God. Every Sunday, we all climbed inside the family station wagon, and Dad would drive us to church,

where I made a lot of new friends.

First there was Maria. We became best friends quickly. There was also Jay and Peter, who were

brothers. Soon, I had a bunch of new friends, but what was missing in my life was a boyfriend. I felt that

I was of the age where I wanted to feel loved.

One night my upstairs neighbor came over. She knocked on the front door, and my grand mom

opened the door. She smiled and said, "Hello. My son goes to the same school as your granddaughter. I

was wondering if she wanted to keep him company walking to school."

I still recall that day as if it were happening now. My grand mom called me, and she told me what was

happening. I didn’t see any harm in it, so I went to meet my neighbor's son. When I knocked on the

door, his mom opened the door. She smiled and said, "You must be Lacy."

She went to go get her son, and the moment I saw him, I recognized him from night school. I had

seen him just a few days back, sitting down on the floor at school. He had a headband on that night, and

he was listening to music.

I looked at her and said, as kind as I could, "You want me to go to school with this druggy?" The boy

looked at me, but he didn’t say anything back at first. It was clear to me that he was shocked by what I

had said.

His mom came to his defense. She said, "Young girl, you have the wrong idea about my son. He is

no druggy." The boy finally came around, and he asked me why I said that. I reminded him about the

other night, when he was on the floor.

The boy smiled, and said that he was just relaxing. I did have to admit that he was very good

looking. He also had a nice thin figure. The boy told his mom he was going back to his room.

I began to feel bad about what I had said to him, so I asked him not to go, and then I did something

that I normally wouldn't do; I apologized to him. A smile came over his face, and he said, "That's okay. I

can understand."

That night we walked together to school. It happened to be that he was a very young man. He had

many dreams, and he didn’t mind sharing them with me. I guess he felt comfortable talking to me, and

to be honest, I felt the same way.

When I got back home that night from school, I went to my room I shared with my sister, Jenny. I

told her about the boy I had just met. I also informed her that I wouldn’t mind being his girl. That night I

drove my sister crazy talking about Raul. That was his name, Raul.

The next day, I put my lipstick on and put on more make-up than I normally do. I wanted to look my

best. You see, I was going to win the heart of Raul. My mom walked inside the bathroom, and she told

me to hurry up because it was late. I thanked her and ran out of the bathroom, but not before looking at

my face one more time. I wanted to make sure I looked my best.

There was a knock at the front door, and my father opened it. He said hello to Raul and told him I

was getting ready. The only thing I didn’t like about Raul was that he didn’t like to dress up. He always

had jeans on. But that was a problem I could change once I became his girlfriend.

We left my apartment and walked down the stairs. Raul was 17 but he still didn’t own a car. Later

on, I found out that he didn’t like to drive. I noticed that he kept looking at me, so I asked him if I looked

okay. He told me that I looked good.

We got to school and Raul walked me to my class room. Then, he left. I was already starting to feel

like his girlfriend. Yes, I knew that I wasn’t yet, but I also knew that soon that would change.

After class, Raul asked me if I wanted to go across the street and get some ice cream. Of course, I

told him yes. When we went in, I let him know that I didn’t have any money. He smiled and said that he

was treating me.

We took the ice cream to go. It was running late, and I didn’t want my parents to worry about me.

We talked so much on the way back home. I found out that he loved to play tennis, and one of his

dreams was to someday be a tennis pro. There was so much to him, and I wanted to know all of it.

We got to my apartment, and I thanked him for the ice cream. Then, I said bye and went in. I

watched him through the window, as he walked away. Guys, I have to say, I was hooked on him


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